Welcome to A RABBIT’S FOOT, my bookazine, website and live events programme celebrating film, art, culture and confessions and the fascinating people that create these things we love…the filmmakers, the actors, writers, musicians, the painters, photographers and, of course, the stories themselves.

A Rabbit’s Foot is named after the Hemingway quote about a rabbit’s foot bringing one some luck (and perhaps a thought or two). Within these pages are essays and stories with premier actors and filmmakers – the likes of Wes Anderson, Isabelle Huppert, Juliette Binoche and Matthew Modine – as well as artists and rising stars such as Lyna Khoudri and Palm D’Or winner Titane’s Agathe Rouselle.

In our second issue, we bring our focus to Italian cinema: both of the past and the present. That Italian cinema is in the midst of a creative boom, a revival of the film community unseen since the fifties and sixties, is without question. In contemporary film, the Roma based Neapolitan Paolo Sorrentino, the master filmmaker whose magnificent Il divo, La grande bellezza and last years The Hand of God, stand out on the global stage, leads as an emblem of the reinvigoration of Italian cinema. With him are the brilliant Luca Guadagnino, Nanni Moretti, Giuseppe Tornatore, and a new wave of female filmmakers: Valeria Golino, Valeria Tedeschi Bruni, Ginevra Elkann, and Alice Rohrwacher.

In Issue three, we chose to investigate the extraordinary power that film has—both moving image and still—to provoke political and cultural change. These stories resonate deeply in our conscience and challenge us, at the very least, to have a dialogue. The old adage ‘the camera doesn’t lie’ remains for the most part true…with the exception of dating apps that is.

To illustrate the power of film as a theme, we chose to interview the great rebel filmmakers who have dedicated their lives to telling political stories and challenging the status quo. We proudly welcome the master filmmaker Oliver Stone, who is interviewed brilliantly by the writer Seumas Milne. Oliver, whom I have known for 30-somewhat-years, brings extraordinary energy to his films and a boldness both as a writer and as a filmmaker. He turns not away from conflict but towards it, and watching his films—from Salvador to Alexander (his personal favorite)—one is swept up in an organized frenetic chaos, as his story unfolds and moves us to learn and change. This is the power of film…Oliver’s controversial documentary studies are priceless insights into figures including Castro and Putin. If you haven’t seen Oliver’s films, do.

Take a look at Jason Solomon’s exceptional interview with Ken Loach, the master political filmmaker who pulls us into the souls of everyman. A Zola of film, or perhaps more: Loach is a cinematic Albert Camus. We thank both Jason and re-affirm our great respect for Loach.

We also include a feature on Spike Lee, as a master cultural chronicler with such a defined style and voice that amplifies the African American story with such originality, humour and style. Lee electrifies, challenges and delivers boldly each time he steps behind the camera. I still remember seeing She’s Gotta Have It for the first time and being inspired to try and make a film myself. His ultra low budget debut proved that anything was possible in the world of film.

We are thrilled to include Darren Aronofsky, whose new film The Whale is utterly unique and emotionally powerful. It left me breathless. Brendan’s performance is devastating in its truth, and Darren’s use of the camera as an emotional paint brush is unrivalled.

A RABBIT’S FOOT is a weighty book – an insight into culture that we believe will be read with pleasure, and revisited at times when you most need a smart and curious companion. There is humour. There are confessions. There are the dreams of a new generation and the wisdom of established ones. It is all here, finally available so take a look on our website